‘Malformed URL trash:/’

The KDE desktop environment has Dolphin set as its default file manager. So, if you click on the desktop panel’s Wastebin/Trash icon (which is a plasma widget) a Dolphin window will open to show the wastebin contents. But, although Dolphin is a good file manager, I prefer Krusader. However, when I set Krusader as my default file manager, clicking the desktop’s Wastebin icon results in this error message: ‘Malformed URL trash:/’. How to deal with that?

PUB problems

Someone sent me a MS Publisher file. That is a problem, even if you are on a Windows box. You need to have the correct version of Publisher installed, because there is no reliable compatibility between different versions. A classic M$ trick, I dare say. And besides, I am locked in to a Linux box, of course. One can search the web down to its very foundations, but there simply is no way to open a PUB file outwith Publisher…. Lees verderPUB problems