Xubuntu-on-eMac issues

Some time ago I fiddled with OpenFirmware on my old eMac A1002, saved from the bin and running on Xubuntu 12.04. I tried to find wake-on-lan settings for the network card. I did not. Then, afterwards, the NIC (eth0) appeared to be out of order. I feared I had seriously messed things up in OpenFirmware, but after all it was not that bad. I was particularly annoyed with myself since I had just discovered that this vintage eMac actually can… Lees verderXubuntu-on-eMac issues

Scanning documents

Slightly old-fashioned as it may seem, scanning documents still is part of the usual office jobs. You need it to email an official document to someone else, or simply to keep your own digital copy. So how to do that? As we know there must fifty ways to leave your lover – and probably more to tackle this wee desktop issue. Let me just share my way. That way is Linux/KDE based (naturally).