OpenStreetMap & Garmin

This summer I tested my new Garmin eTrex 20x handheld GPS. It comes at just under € 200 and already has some (basic) maps on board. However, since I really like the OpenStreetMap project, I installed these on the MicroSD card. Earlier I have written about the pleasures of OpenStreetMap (in Dutch). So far I used the OsmAnd app on my Android powered Fairphone. That does work alright and the 4.3″ LCD display is really nice, but the GPS receiver… Lees verderOpenStreetMap & Garmin

PDF forms and Linux

Buying or booking online may require filling in a PDF form and sending it back. But how to fill it in if you are not on Windows using Adobe software? Actually that is a problem, but there is a workaround. The PDF form specification is kept carefully hidden by Adobe. So there are no open-source applications that can store data in the PDF form itself. Some seem to – but not really. After some searching and trying I managed to… Lees verderPDF forms and Linux