Updating LibreOffice

Updating LibreOffice has its own pecularities. You can set it to automatic, but that may or may not work. Not on my LinuxMint system. You can make it warn you when updates are available, so you can manually download and install these. In my case: install the appropriate deb packages., which takes a wee bit of time, but works fine. Recently I discovered two Launchpad PPA repositories. Very useful for those on Ubuntu or associated distros, the likes of LinuxMint… Lees verderUpdating LibreOffice

Secure & easy messaging

I never really got on Facebook, I deleted my LinkedIn account long ago and recently I dumped Twitter too. But I do like WhatsApp-like messaging. If only it was not for WhatsApp… Even Dutch intelligence service AIVD says we should not use it. Read my comparison between WhatsApp and Telegram (in Dutch, the mother of all languages). So I started to switch to Telegram. Although this may not be the philosopher’s stone either, it still is more secure than its… Lees verderSecure & easy messaging