Printing on Linux

In the old days printing on a Linux computer could be a bit of a hassle and it was anything but a  matter of simply plug & play. CUPS (the Common Unix Printer System) has always done a great job organizing and executing print jobs. (It still does, even now Apple has required the source code and made it the standard for its own OS X, so Windows users should be jealous for such a capable printing system.) Therefore the… Lees verderPrinting on Linux

Getting out & back again

OpenStreetMap (OSM) has become a proven alternative to GoogleMaps, BingMaps, iOS Maps , HERE Maps (just rebranded as HERE WeGo) and other proprietary navigation software. Still, GoogleMaps seems to be the most obvious for most people. You can easily look up any location around the globe, or plan your trip. But, of course, all of these ‘free services’ will silently add your search history and location, or any other data they can grab from your device, to the pile of… Lees verderGetting out & back again