∗∗∗ Voor iedereen die het ontvangen wil is hier onze kerstgroet. ∗∗∗ ∗∗∗ And for those who do not understand Dutch – according to Simon Stevin, AD 1586, the language spoken by Adam and Eve in paradise – we add our Christmas greetings in English. ∗∗∗

Bluetooth simplicity

To make my PC talk over bluetooth I need a wee USB adapter, aka ‘dongle’. It sits on a USB port and does its job in utter silence. Until it just stops working. Usually without any prior warning, and it only happens on my computer, not on the other ones in our house. Well, time to replace. First: buy a new one. This time I got me a LogiLink, but I have had Belkin, Trust or Sitecom thingies before. They… Lees verderBluetooth simplicity