Display stress

Until now I am still with LinuxMint 17.3, based on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (‘Trusty’). Although this platform will be supported until 2019, increasingly applications start to get stuck, since newer versions require a newer Ubuntu version. But… upgrading was a major problem. Whatever I tried, I could not get the screen resolutions for my dual […]

O, wacht… mijn wachtwoord…

De wereld is overvol van wachtwoorden, pincodes, inloggegevens, bsn-nummers, klantnummers en weet ik wat niet al. Ik droomde dat ik bij Sint Pieter kwam – en mijn pincode was vergeten… Ik moest natuurlijk eerst weer terug. Gelukkig zijn er handige en veilige hulpmiddelen om al die gegevens te bewaren en makkelijk toegankelijk te houden: wachtwoordbeheerders, […]

Sleep well

All Linux systems have a number of options built into their power management at kernel level. Unwary users – eg. like me – tend to neglect their meaning and use. But they are useful options though. Time to explain. Generally there are three options with varying levels of power saving: shutdown, hibernate and suspend. To […]

Kontact pecularities

On Linux systems running KDE as desktop manager Kontact is the default application for handling email, address books, calendar, and more. Kontact integrates different applications to work together seamlessly, eg. KMail (email), KAddressbook (contacts) and KOrganizer (calendar). Others can be added, eg. KJots (notes), KTimeTracker (time management), KNode (news reader) or Akregator (RSS feeds). Essentially […]