Nieuwe distro, nieuwe hobbels

Een computersysteem upgraden kan een avontuur op zich zijn. De makers van een besturingssysteem streven er uiteraard naar dat het allemaal vlekkeloos verloopt. Meestal is dat ook zo, maar helaas zal de Wet van Murphy altijd een keer toeslaan. Of de gebruiker heeft zelf, bedoeld of niet, al voor problemen gezorgd. Dan geldt deze wetmatigheid: ‘You cannot make a system foolproof, because fools are so ingenious.’ En toch heb ik net mijn home server en mijn laptop geupgrade naar Ubuntu… Lees verderNieuwe distro, nieuwe hobbels

Migrating to KDE neon

About every fifth year the daily worker on Linux will need a major system upgrade. That is not a minor thing. After many happy years on LinuxMint with a KDE desktop environment I had to make a decision. Starting with LinuxMint 19 ‘Tara’ support for KDE has been dropped by the LinuxMintees. What to do? After trying several distros from a Live CD – more specific: a very nifty LiveUSB MultiBoot stick with several distros on it – and reading through lots… Lees verderMigrating to KDE neon

Display stress

Until now I am still with LinuxMint 17.3, based on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (‘Trusty’). Although this platform will be supported until 2019, increasingly applications start to get stuck, since newer versions require a newer Ubuntu version. But… upgrading was a major problem. Whatever I tried, I could not get the screen resolutions for my dual display configuration right. One display persistently refused to do better than a mere 1024×768. But now the problem has been solved – be it in… Lees verderDisplay stress

Sleep well

All Linux systems have a number of options built into their power management at kernel level. Unwary users – eg. like me – tend to neglect their meaning and use. But they are useful options though. Time to explain. Generally there are three options with varying levels of power saving: shutdown, hibernate and suspend. To revert these there are three options again: restart, thaw and resume (of which ‘thaw’ seems to be used by developers only). Let us have a… Lees verderSleep well

Krusader update trouble

Constantly updating your system is a basic requirement if you want to keep things running safely. However, the word ‘patch‘ can give good sysadmins really bad feelings, especially in the common Windows world. And so they wait for the opportune moment – until it is too late and bad feelings turn into bad dreams, as the recent WannyCry attacks vividly illustrate. Lessons should be learned… Well, I update my machines as soon as updates arrive. And usually the Linux update… Lees verderKrusader update trouble

Kontact pecularities

On Linux systems running KDE as desktop manager Kontact is the default application for handling email, address books, calendar, and more. Kontact integrates different applications to work together seamlessly, eg. KMail (email), KAddressbook (contacts) and KOrganizer (calendar). Others can be added, eg. KJots (notes), KTimeTracker (time management), KNode (news reader) or Akregator (RSS feeds). Essentially Kontact does the same as Evolution on a GNOME desktop, or Outlook on Windows. (Not surprisingly, the latter has persistent issues regarding compatibility to standards… Lees verderKontact pecularities

Upgrading to LinuxMint 17.3

Until a week ago I stuck to LinuxMint 13 based on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. That still is a well maintained distro. However, applications increasingly move on to more recent versions, which gradually caused conflicts and annoyances. Over a year ago I already had tried to upgrade to LinuxMint 17. But then I ran into trouble with my dual monitor configuration. I am not sure if it was due to a slightly outdated video card, or to failing video drivers, but… Lees verderUpgrading to LinuxMint 17.3


Het had enige voeten in de aarde. Maar inmiddels is de verhuizing compleet naar mijn eigen VPS bij TransIP. Met hartelijke dank aan Sonad voor de professionele hulp daarbij. ‘Verhuizen’ houdt in: een nieuwe Ubuntu server-omgeving inrichten, inclusief de Postfix mailserver (een produkt van Friesland), deze website met WordPress en al overzetten, de oude website (die nog een keer vernieuwd gaat worden) een plekje geven, ownCloud met alles daarbij verhuizen, alsook LimeSurvey, plus het opzetten van de SSL-certificaten. Nu werken… Lees verderVerhuisd!